Financially Stronger Together

Building a Better Congolese Community

Financially Stronger Together

Building a Better Congolese Community

by Cofipro


COFIPRO is a Congolese Financial Project which was founded in 2007 is first and foremost motivated by the desire to empower its members, the congolese diaspora living in the UK with the best possible financial knowledge but also to provide them not to make profits most of the financial services and products as their needs arise.

As a financial project which is aspiring to become a fully fledged credit union, we are indeed run and owned by all our members and have no external shareholders at all.

As COFIPRO is wholly owned by its members , we use their regular savings to provide the means to fund loans to those members. As such we address financial issues and provide alterative solutions to access finance in the community at an extremely affordable rate.

Every member is a shareholder and has equal voting right and exercises this opportunity in decisions on how we are run at an Annual General Meeting. Indeed as shareholders, our members will receive a dividend whenever a surplus allows.

Our vision is to become fiancially stronger together and set our members free the financial burdern

COFIPRO is founded on values of openness, trust, fairness and mutuality. These values inform everything we aspire to do

Our mission is to provide caring, community banking, offering safe savings and ethical loans


Clients count on us every day to help transform uncertainty into possibility.